[antlr-interest] Error in compiling on VC++ 6.0

Ric Klaren klaren at cs.utwente.nl
Fri Jul 19 01:41:18 PDT 2002


On Thu, Jul 18, 2002 at 10:05:02PM -0000, avsinh wrote:
> I am trying to get ANTLR compiled on VC++ 6.0. And I am using the 
> project defined in contrib/MSCV6-dll.
> Any idea why I would be getting the following errors? Should I just
> go ahead and drop them from my project?

The project files may be a bit out of date depending on the distribution
you are using. Just add all the cpp and hpp files to your project and you
should be ok. 

2.7.1 should work with the DLL build. There's quite a few posts in the
archive on the topic btw.


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