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Terence Parr parrt at jguru.com
Tue Jun 11 12:17:24 PDT 2002

On Tuesday, June 11, 2002, at 11:44  AM, jsrs701 wrote:

> --- In antlr-interest at y..., Terence Parr <parrt at j...> wrote:
>> useful for C++.  Actually why don't I just make that sensitive to
> the
>> language option?  If C++ then do the preservation thing.  Make
> sense?
> Okay, maybe I missed something completely obvious, but what the
> flippin' heck is this conversation all about?!  Preservation thing?
> What is that?  Why would C++ want it and Java not?

Just a means of not updating files that don't change when you run 
antlr.  Reduces make's job.

> And Ter, what's with your disdain for command-line parameters?  I
> thought you's was a Unix dude!  :-)

Well, I got a little option happy in PCCTS ;)  Remember that anything 
you add lives forever ;)

> At this point, I'd really like a system whereby ANTLR could produce
> MULTIPLE output formats from a single invocation, like (for a
> strictly hypothetical situation, *ahem*) outputing C++ code AND
> outputing the big diagnostic text files.  I think a command line that
> supported that would be ducky.

You could make a script that runs antlr twice ;)

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