[antlr-interest] some questions

Balvinder Singh bals1978 at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 12 05:04:42 PDT 2002


Question 1

I have following lexer, in which I want both Digit and Integer to be accesed 
from parser, but obiviously these two rule have conflict.

Can't we do some kind of maximum matching as we can do in Flex.

class Test extends Lexer;

Digit : '0' .. '9' { System.out.println("Digit "+ $getText);}

Integer : ( options {greedy=true;} :Digit)+ { System.out.println("Integer "+ 

Question 2

During parsing I want some token, and this token may have some conflicts 
with other tokens , is there any way that parser could tell lexer that first 
search the desired token and if not found then search for others.



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