[antlr-interest] C++ grammar

Terence Parr parrt at jguru.com
Wed Jun 12 10:58:22 PDT 2002


A number of people are playing with a C++ front end for ANTLR (either 
from scratch or by converting old PCCTS grammar forward to ANTLR).  I 
might be putting some effort behind making a standard C++ parser for 
ANTLR and could use any head start people have.  So, who's been doing 
what? :)

Note that I have improved the Java grammar a bunch I believe when 
building a cross referencing tool.  I am pushing the changes into the 
ANTLR mainstream soon.  One of the biggest changes is that it modifies 
the tree parser to isolate method calls and the expressions that result 
in methods (which can be complex).  I.e., I'm using the grammar to help 
you isolate method calls in the tree.

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