[antlr-interest] Re: Request enhancement ANTLR

Silvain Piree s.piree at enneya.com
Thu Jun 20 23:30:14 PDT 2002


> I like this concept by the way, but I'm nervous about adding
> 4 bytes to every single token. 'course you can just make a 
> subclass of CommonToken and then tell antlr to build those, 
> right?

It is true that you can subclass the CommonToken class, 
but there is one problem: the generated parser uses 
parser.getFilename() when throwing a NoViableAltException.

I have a suggestion to solve this problem:

1. add:
    class Parser {
        public getFilename(Token token) {
            return inputState.filename;

2. change JavaCodeGenerator (and CppCodeGenerator) to:

  throw new NoViableAltException(LT(1), getFilename(LT(1)))

3. now everything works the way it did, but I have the
   possiblity the redefine getFilename(Token token) and get
   the filename from my (subclassed) token.



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