[antlr-interest] Re: amount of reserved keywords

gertgrossmann Gert.Grossmann50 at epost.de
Mon Jun 24 22:42:41 PDT 2002

What I want to achieve is, that the parser checks the words for me.
For example:

joined_table_spec : "NATURAL" join_type "JOIN" from_table_spec;

declare_statement : "DECLARE" IDENTIFIER
        ( "SCROLL" )? "CURSOR"  "FOR" select_statement;

"NATURAL", "JOIN", ... should be non reserved keywords. After the 
join_type must follow the word "JOIN" and not any IDENDIFIER.
For ANTLR all words "NATURAL", ... are reserved keywords and a 
"declare join cursor for ..." (with 'join' as cursor name) will not 
be accepted, because "JOIN" is a reserved keyword :(



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