[antlr-interest] Using a Parser as a TokenFilter

Trey Spiva Trey.Spiva at embarcadero.com
Wed Jun 26 10:02:00 PDT 2002

> > Only pity that those 'kludges' were necessary to work around
> > the EOL/EOF
> > stuff, it obscures the concept a bit. Then again nothing is
> > ever easy ;)
> Ah, the joys of ANTLR... but really, it is cool what you can do when you
> know what you are doing.  If a couple other people could find a use for
> this
> technique then we can look at supporting it somehow from antlr the tool.
[Trey Spiva] 
Visual Basic will allow you to reserved words as data member names. (Who
thought that was a good idea?)  The syntax is:


I thought that this technique would be a good solution.  It will at least
keep me from having to write something like the following:

[ (LOOP | IF | END | WHILE | DO| ... | IDENTIFIER) ]


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