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>> Here's one for you educated folks...
>> Given a preprocessor which allows branching and unrestricted code
>> substitutions, is it impossible to work with the semantics of the
>> preprocessing itself?
>> It would seem to me that since you could have code substitution 
> doing code
>> substitution, it would be impossible to build a parse tree of the
>> preprocessing.
> Okay, but you could build a tree of the *operations* to be performed, 
> right?  And then apply the operations to the original source file?
> Or am I completely not understanding the question?

I'm not even worried about applying the operations to the original source -
the preprocessing itself is easy (it's already built). It's the graphing of
the preprocessing operations that I was wondering about, so your first
question is the right one. I don't want to use the graph in order to apply
the preprocessing, I only want to use the graph in order to analyze the

Monty suggested a tree for each phase of the preprocessing, which may not
be practical (unless I misunderstand his idea), but it does make me wonder
if each phase of the operations in a preprocess graph could be made into
nodes on a tree.

I never grok these things without examples, so here's one. The language is
a 4GL called Progress. It's idea of #define looks like this:
And then the following displays "Hello World":
  DISPLAY "{&HI}".
It gets ugly, because you can have a macro expand into another macro which
in turn gets expanded. Adding to the previous code:
And the "Hello World":

Perhaps each application of code substitution could be another node on the
graph? That would be a weird looking tree. Like Monty said, it's a headache.



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