[antlr-interest] antlr-mode 2.2; Emacs major mode for ANTLR grammar files

Christoph.Wedler at sap.com Christoph.Wedler at sap.com
Fri Mar 1 14:14:08 PST 2002

The following message is a courtesy copy of an article
that has been posted to gnu.emacs.sources as well.

Version 2.2 of ANTLR-mode has been uploaded.



The Emacs package ANTLR-Mode provides: syntax highlighting for ANTLR
grammar files, automatic indentation, menus containing rule/token
definitions and supported options and various other things like running
ANTLR from within Emacs.

A longer description can be found at the end of the posting after the
changes below.  This or an older version of ANTLR-Mode is distributed
with Emacs-21.1+ and ANTLR-2.7.1+.

Thanks to the people having sent patches & suggestions, see the
ChangeLog file in the distribution.

Have fun,
- Christoph

Changes with 2.2 vs 2.1:
 * Moved to SourceForge.net.  More details on web page.
 * Minor bug fixes.  Miscellaneous.

The package ANTLR-Mode makes Emacs the perfect IDE for the development
of ANTLR grammar files. ANTLR is a LL(k)-based recognition tool which
generates lexers, parsers and tree transformers in Java, C++ or Sather
and can be found at <http://www.antlr.org/>.

This package provides the following features: 

 * CONSISTENT INDENTATION. You do not have to insert or delete the
   correct amount of spaces or tabs manually to indent a line according
   to ANTLR's coding style: just press TAB. It is even done
   automatically if you insert an ANTLR syntax symbol (one of
   :;|&(){}). Use the menu to indent all lines in a selected region.

 * SYNTAX HIGHLIGHTING. When enabled, this mode highlights grammar
   symbols (syntax symbols and keywords: bold black, rule references:
   dark blue, token references: dark orange, rule/token definition: bold
   blue) and the code in actions.

 * CODE BROWSING. Find the definition of a rule, token, or grammar class
   by using the Index menu, a keyboard command or selecting an entry in
   the speedbar frame.

 * FAST NAVIGATION. Move to the next or previous rule definition or to
   the beginning or end of the rule body by one or two key strokes.

 * ACTION VISIBILITY. Control the visibility of less important code like

 * OPTION SUPPORT. Insert or change one of ANTLR's options by a using
   the menu or a keyboard command. This mode knows the options supported
   by ANTLR, their allowed values and the correct position where to
   insert the option (and the surrounding options{} if necessary).

 * TOOL INVOCATION. Run ANTLR from within Emacs and find the error
   position by selecting the error message via the mouse or a keyboard

 * MAKEFILE CREATION. Show the makefile dependencies for all grammar and
   generated files in the current directory. For it, this mode considers
   the value of ANTLR's language option, import/export vocabularies and
   grammar inheritance.


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