[antlr-interest] Please Help. New to Compiler world.

jshahguju jshahguju at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 6 08:09:37 PST 2002


I am new to ANTLR - PARSER/ LEXER. We have input like

e.g. CYDEN/DA121201/TA2310

Where CY is CITY and DEN is its value. Same way DA is Date and then 
its value. So each token is separated by "/" and then each token has 
first 2 letter as a tag. 

After parsing I have to put that value in Java object. So, Creating 
java object and then setting value in that. 

Is it better to use ANTLR to handle this situation?. Or is it better 
to do it by coding?.

I have ANTLR man pdf file. But I am looking for more detail which is 
easy to digest for beginner. Is there any book available in market?. 

Please help.



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