[antlr-interest] Problem with token names that are also keywords in target language (e.g. C#)

micheal_jor open.zone at virgin.net
Mon Mar 11 12:38:31 PST 2002

I am working on the CSharpCodeGenerator based on the 

There is an issue because variable names in the generated Parser are 
sometimes C# keywords (e.g. "in"). I have investigated and, the names 
are "inherited" from the grammar file. The java.g file in 
dir 'examples' has "in" for instance.

Is it possible to do something globally, perhaps a prefix to all such 
names?. Could someone more familiar with the code do this please?. I 
am still on 2.7.1 so please post the changes here in addition to 
applying it to 2.7.2a2......



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