[antlr-interest] LISP like grammar ,Exception handling, Please HELP

Eli Mesika elim at tti-telecom.com
Tue Mar 12 06:27:45 PST 2002

HI folks
HI have a LISP like grammar to parse named CONNECT.
The language actually describes a graphical representation of a network,
however not all statements in the language have graphical meaning.
I am building an editor that can read CONNECT files and represent its
content graphically.
Actually, my parser should parse only the graphical commands but it still
should preserve the non graphical commands in order to save the CONNECT file
properly after editing.
I am looking for a way to get those non graphical commands as a string so I
will be able to restore it.
I have tried to use an IGNORE rule, but I don't know how to match a complete
LISP statement ( a statement can be constructed when number of '(' = number
of ')'   )
Is there a way to force matching rules in  certain order, so I can add a
rule that match all non graphical commands as the last rule.
Exception handling 
How to clean up after typing an illegal token, I am getting an exception an
from that point my parser does not recognize anything .
Thanks for your kind help
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