[antlr-interest] C# port of 2.7.2

Smith, Eric V. ericsmith at windsor.com
Tue Mar 12 14:21:26 PST 2002

I am the person who did the 2.7.1 port to C#, such as it is.  
I'm thinking of re-porting the 2.7.2a2 build in order to get 
everything back in sync.  But this is a big job and I don't 
want to do it if 2.7.2a2 is likely to undergo many (any?) 
changes before being released.
So, does anyone (Ter?) know how "good" 2.7.2a2 is?  I'm 
defining good as "the version downloadable from antlr.org is 
patched for all known bugs and is believed to be all but 
releasable".  Since I ported this by starting with the Java 
code, I'm really only interested in the Java generator.

If it's reasonably good, then I'll start the porting work.  
I'll need to track any fixes subsequently made to 2.7.2a2.

I'd really like to make this easier in the future somehow, 
but the code generator and runtime currently don't lend 
themselves to anything but a complete re-port.  I've got some 
ideas but they're all a tremendous up-front effort for some 
possible time savings in the future.  Kind of a hard sell, 
even to myself.



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