[antlr-interest] What's coming for 2.8 (was Re: Build Question)

Ric Klaren klaren at cs.utwente.nl
Wed Mar 13 03:12:54 PST 2002


On Wed, Mar 13, 2002 at 06:37:03AM -0000, lgcraymer wrote:
> C++/C# support will require under 100 lines of new code to support the 
> extensions, excluding the translocation support which takes about 500 
> LOC.  That enables language neutral AST rewriting.

Sounds very good. This probably also means that the current action.g
xxxCodeGenerator interface was thoroughly revised? (this would completely
overjoy me ;) )

The changes need porting to C++ still I presume?

> My current code base is based on 2.7.1; Ter and I plan to upgrade to a 
> 2.7.2 base before releasing 2.8.

This means we are going to jump from 2.7.2a1 to 2.8 ?

> !--did not behave quite as expected in tree grammars.
> 	#( ROOT! A B )
> led to the output tree
> 	#( A B )
> rather than the A B list that might have been expected.  Further, ^ 
> had scope limited to the current tree structure within a rule rather 
> than having rule-level scope.
> 	#( A #( B Cˆ D ) )
> would generate
> 	#( A #( C #( B D ) ) )
> and not
> 	#( C #( A #( B D ) ) )
> These have been fixed.


Sounds good all the extensions/changes. I'm still a bit in the unclear as
to the exact syntax (maybe a few examples..) but I trust it will be a huge

Well done!

Is there already a branch available in the repository with these changes?


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