[antlr-interest] CircularQueue compilation question, please help.

jeff_c_lin jeff_c_lin at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 18 21:37:12 PST 2002


I have a question about the way CircularQueue is defined. It has a private copy contructor and private assignment operator but they are not defined anywhere (no CircularQueue.cpp). What's the purpose of these and why don't they cause compilation error? 

I'm trying to compile antlr classes as an DLL, and I'm getting C4661 warning message. I instantiate CircularQueue when I see it used in as an class member. For example, class InputBuffer has a CircularQueue<int> member. According the MS Knowledge base, I need to instantiate a template class in order to export it from an DLL. So after InputBuffer class declaration, I do "template class DLLIMEXPORT CircularQueue<int>", but the compiler warns that CircularQueue's member functions are not defined. I'm surprised it's not an error. Anyone knows what's going on here? How do I get rid of the warning messages? 


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