[antlr-interest] Re: C# port of 2.7.2

Terence Parr parrt at jguru.com
Wed Mar 20 11:02:39 PST 2002

Hi Guys, just back from a week off.  2.7.2a2 is close, but not quite 
finished.  Might add a few more things...I should have more time soon.

Also, don't implement a new code generator.  The current thing sucks but 
I am experimenting with a new code gen system myself that I might hack 
into 2.x to make things easier.  OTOH, it might have to wait until 3.0 
(a complete rewrite).

In summary, it might just be easier to work with the crappy code 
generation thing in ANTLR as it stands; C# is basically Java so you 
should no trouble with modifying JavaCodeGenerator.java, right?


On Tuesday, March 12, 2002, at 03:40  PM, Smith, Eric V. wrote:

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>> I'm already working on the 2.7.2a2 port Eric. Along with an updated
>> 2.7.1 using ideas from the work you were kind enough to share. I'm
>> trying to ensure that the debugging stuff is also supported for C#.
> ...
> Wow, excellent.  How far along are you?  Any way I can help?
>>> I'd really like to make this easier in the future somehow,
>>> but the code generator and runtime currently don't lend
>>> themselves to anything but a complete re-port.  I've got some
>>> ideas but they're all a tremendous up-front effort for some
>>> possible time savings in the future.  Kind of a hard sell,
>>> even to myself.
>> Perhaps if you elaborate?. I must admt I gave up on any big re-orgs
>> until I'm more familiar with Antlr's internals.
> I'm thinking something along the lines of the CLR's CodeDOM model.  It's
> an abstract code generation model with things like
> CodeConditionStatement that represents an "if" statement,
> CodeMethodInvocationExpression to call a method, etc.  We'd have to
> write it from scratch in Java without using any CLR code, of course.
> When we had the interfaces done we'd write the concrete implementations
> of the Java, C++, C#, etc. generators.  Then the code generator would
> call our CodeDOM interfaces and all generators would benefit from any
> improvements to the code calling the CodeDOM.  It's clearly a lot of
> work and might require cleaning up the runtime interfaces as well.
> Eric.
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