[antlr-interest] Re: C# port of 2.7.2

lloyd_from_far lloyd at galador.net
Fri Mar 22 02:44:09 PST 2002

In reply to Scott message (regarding it "beta" C#-ANTLR version) I 
want to say 

I am quite new to ANTLR in fact.
But I had write (by hand) a command ineterpreter in Java (reading 
Java syntax) now I want to make a new version in C#, reading C# 
syntax, but instead of doing it by hand I want to use a generator and 
ANTLR looks quite good (it's the reason of my new interest)

so I am really interested in being one of your beta tester or co-
developper, but I will be quite slow, learning ANTLR in the same 


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