[antlr-interest] TreeParser

Lloyd Dupont lloyd at galador.net
Sun Mar 31 02:26:59 PST 2002

Hi fellow ANTLR users...

hmm, I am quite new to ANTLR and, hum, stil inelarning process before real work...
hmm.. what is the real use of TreeParser ?

I have my work/test project under my eyes and wonder why bother with a TreeParser (who need an already parsed AST) when I could make my stuff directly in the Parser ?

thanks !!!

BTW who was speaking of a C# version ?
I am interested !
and I have even begin to make my own C# version (yes, really, translating the core java file to C# file doesn't need real understanding, Vector become ArrayList, Hastable become Hashtable, etc... and, that's it ! and panic(), hmm, well, I think it will throw an ANTRLPanicException (new object of my own...)), but I am interested in a more polished version...
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