[antlr-interest] Anybody got an ObjectiveC grammar?

mzukowski at yci.com mzukowski at yci.com
Thu May 2 09:18:04 PDT 2002

> I don't believe it's intended to be complete. I believe it's 
> meant to work
> as part of the C++ grammar for PCCTS.
> I think it would be wise to grab the ObjC grammar out of gcc 
> 3 sources and
> merge the productions into the antlr C grammar.

I agree, except you should be able to make ObjC a "grammar subclass" of the
GnuC grammar pretty easily (just as the GCC grammar subclasses ANSI C).
That will make it a bit easier to update in the future with respect to
changes of the GNU C grammar and/or ObjC grammar.  I'll be happy to add
objc.g to the GCC translation framework when it is ready.  Also appreciated
would be tiny complete preprocessed test programs to verify each feature of
the ObjC extension.



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