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> Antlr also does have some tree matching routines built in.  See the
> implementations of the methods below in antlr.BaseAST
>     public boolean equals(AST t);
>     public boolean equalsList(AST t);
>     public boolean equalsListPartial(AST t);
>     public boolean equalsTree(AST t);
>     public boolean equalsTreePartial(AST t);
>     public ASTEnumeration findAll(AST tree);
>     public ASTEnumeration findAllPartial(AST subtree);
> I've not needed these for my projects but would be interested in 
hearing how
> people use them.  

These are actually translations of SORCERER match utilities.  I'd be 
surprised if they are in active use: if I remember correctly, Ter used 
them in some of the early SORCERER examples, but they became unused as 
SORCERER matured.  After Gary Funck finished hammering on SORCERER, it 
was a pretty decent tool.  I was surprised to encounter them in ANTLR 

For the findAll and findAllPartial methods to be very useful for 
rewriting, they would need to return pointers to parents or left 
siblings of the matched trees so that references could be patched.



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