[antlr-interest] Strange character Recognition.

Trey Spiva Trey.Spiva at embarcadero.com
Tue May 28 10:23:17 PDT 2002

I have the following same code that is not parsing correctly.

public class DynAnyUtil
    static Any createDefaultAnyOfType(TypeCode typeCode, ORB orb) 
        // The spec for DynAny differs from Any on initialization via type 
        // * false for boolean
        // * zero for numeric types
        // * zero for types octet, char, and wchar
        // * the empty string for string and wstring
        // * nil for object references
        // * a type code with a TCKind value of tk_null for type codes
        // * for Any values, an Any containing a type code with a TCKind
//   type and no value        

Notice the dots.  They are not part of the standard ascii character set.
When I try to parse this file using the java.g that is shipped in the CPP
examples I get the error message :"unexpected char *".  I have the
charVocabulary set to charVocabulary = '\3'..'\377'.

Anybody have any ideas.  The file that I am trying to parse is shipped with
JDK 1.4.


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