[antlr-interest] Can I get rid of these warnings?

Sinan sinan.karasu at boeing.com
Wed May 29 11:49:21 PDT 2002

Kjell Nilsson wrote:
> I have a grammar that generates some sort of a calulator. There are some
> functions in the calculator that i have java functions to resolve.
> The function sum(foo, ../bar) is resolved like this
> line 273-275
> | #(SUM s1:expr s2:expr) {r = calculateSum(s1.getText(),s2.getText());}
> | KEYIDSTRING {r = lookupKeyString(expr_AST_in.getText());}
> | RELATIVEKEYIDSTRING {r = lookupRelativeKeyString(expr_AST_in.getText());}
> but here I get this warning
> ParserGenerator/AntCalc.g:273: warning:Rule 'expr' returns a value
> ParserGenerator/AntCalc.g:273: warning:Rule 'expr' returns a value

No easy way...

It is harmless, but you can just assign it to a dummy variable, and let
it go out of scope. It's
creation is what takes time, not the assignment anyway, so you are not
losing anything.



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