[antlr-interest] Re: What's the SLK Parser Generator?

Brian Smith brian-l-smith at uiowa.edu
Tue Oct 8 19:10:57 PDT 2002

mrosgood wrote:
> Terence Parr-
> Thanks for humoring me.  You may recall that, having only ever used
> ANTLR, I don't know a whole lot about this domain.
> The real reason I asked is because I need one of those super duper
> text editors that's smart enough to recognize the language and all that.  
> I've got this GUI description language called Giraffe.  It's a mush of
> ideas, borrowing notions from XUL, VRML, RELAX-NG, and some other
> stuff.  The Big Idea is to have "live" Giraffe source code in one
> window and the real live GUI in other.  Change the source and --
> voila! -- the GUI changes.  Drop a new control onto the GUI and --
> voila! -- the source changes.  (Ever since my LISP days, I've nurtured
> a deep hate for edit-compile-debug loop style development.)
> So...
> These papers appear to be the best thing going on:
> "An Incremental Lr Parse Strategy for Language-Based Editors"
> http://citeseer.nj.nec.com/320795.html

Here is the dissertation that the NetBeans editor's lexer is based on:
The incremental lexer is chapter 5 (or 6?). The incremental parser 
immediately follows. They produced an implementation of their work based 
on bison/flex. NetBeans has built an incremental lexer in Java that 
works over JavaCC and ANTLR using the techniques in this paper. They 
(NetBeans) hope to add a GLR-based (thus not ANTLR, I guess) incremental 
parser too, if they can find resources.

By the way, what are peoples' thoughts on GLR vs LL(k)?

Not coincidently, tonight I am researching incremental GLR, LR(k), and 
LL(k) incremental parsers. Most research in this area seems to be on 
LR(k) and in particular LALR(1) grammars, but I'm interested in learning 
whether it is possible to use top-down recursive decent predicated LL(k) 
parsers (a.k.a ANTLR) for incremental parsing.

So if anybody has any more links or references in this area, I would 
appreciate receiving them. Also, does anybody know if there is a site 
like http://lambda.weblogs.com (a functional programming weblog) that 
deals with parsing?

- Brian


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