[antlr-interest] Extracting portions of code

Benhur krupa_gadde at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 10 21:40:11 PDT 2002

Hi all,

I am Krupa Benhur, who is working on PL/SQL grammar. I have written 
grammar for the same and used "^" notation for tokens to make them 
as root nodes. I have many sub-rules as part of my grammar like 
this - 

	(("declare")? (declare_spec)+)? 
      	("exception" exception_handler (exception_handler)*)? 
      	("end" (label_name)? SEMI!)?

	| if_statement 
	| sql_statement^

I have also written grammar for sql_statement. I am able to apply 
this grammar for any PL/SQL program and see the tree generated. Now, 
using this grammar, I want to extract the sql_statement part from 
the PL/SQL file and write the same to another file. Can some one 
give me code sample for the same. 

I feel I need to use findAll(AST target) and findAllPartial(AST sub) 
member functions of the abstract class BaseAST. I am not sure on how 
to pass AST as a parameter to this findAll member function. I will 
be very happy if some one can help me in this regard.

Thanks in advace
krupa_gadde at yahoo.com


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