[antlr-interest] Yes, but where are they DEFINED??? :-)

dave_sieber dsieber at attbi.com
Mon Oct 14 22:23:11 PDT 2002

Hi Ter and ANTLR Gang,

Obviously I'm new at this, as this question illustrates:

I am looking over the Java parser in the examples directory (C++ 
version). In the JavaLexer class, I see that the definition of DOT 
has been commented out. Also, I see no definition for NUM_FLOAT. Yet 
both are used in other places. I am baffled. Why was DOT commented 
out? Was there a problem? And where is NUM_FLOAT defined?

If there is an obvious answer (there must be, it compiles okay :-), 
I'd appreciate a pointer into the documentation where this is covered 
so that I can continue learning.

Thanks very much (to _everyone_ involved) for all the work in making 
this available!


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