[antlr-interest] lexer rule for string

Krupa Benhur krupa_gadde at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 15 23:08:43 PDT 2002

Hi Stephan,

Include "\\" also as part of you lexer for string. I
guess this should solve your problem.


 --- stephane brossier <dognogod at yahoo.com> wrote: >
> I am trying to recognize some strings in a C
> program.
> I first had a lexer rule defined as is:
> STRING: '"' ~'"' '"';
> This worked pretty well until I had some traces
> like:
>  printf("The string is  \" the_string \" ");
> How can i make the lexer understand that \" is not
> the
> end of my string but is actually part of my string
> since there is an escape char before?
> Thanks,
> S.

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