[antlr-interest] lexer doubts ..

Sriram Durbha cintyram at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 16 07:39:07 PDT 2002

1. how to give the same character two names .
 BOOLEAN_OR : '|' ;
 PIPE       : '|' ;

but antlr cribs for this .. 
====== 2 ============================
also i have a grammar which i dont know how to debug.. so please help

DOT : '.' ;
DIGIT :	'0'..'9' ;
NUM   :	(DIGIT) + /// match the integral part  123
       (         /// the floating part is optional 
        DOT (DIGIT)+  ///  123. atleast one digit after dot
        (    /// scientific claculators have  k for kilo etc
         ( ('e'|'d'|)('+'|'-')?(DIGIT)+ ) 

        )? /// end of scientific
       )? ///end of  optional floating part 
       (   /// use this alt for .123e-10  no integral part
        DOT (DIGIT)+ 
         ( ('e'|'d'|)('+'|'-')?(DIGIT)+ ) 
       ) /// end of alt2 for only floating part 
 ID : ('a'..'z' | 'A'..'Z'|'_')('a'..'z' | 'A'..'Z'|'_'|DIGIT)*
i am getting lexical nondeterminism warning.. but i dont see why i
should get any except for  DOT and NUM's second alt.. 

warning: lexical nondeterminism between rules DOT and NUM upon
scical.g:0:        k==1:'.'
scical.g:0:        k==2:<end-of-token>
scical.g:0:        k==3:<end-of-token>
scical.g:0:        k==4:<end-of-token>
scical.g:0:        k==5:<end-of-token>
scical.g:204: warning: lexical nondeterminism upon
scical.g:204:      k==1:'0'..'9'
scical.g:204:      k==2:<end-of-token>,'+','-','0'..'9','e','u'
scical.g:204:      k==3:<end-of-token>,'0'..'9','g'
scical.g:204:      k==4:<end-of-token>,'0'..'9'
scical.g:204:      k==5:<end-of-token>,'0'..'9'
scical.g:204:      between alt 1 and exit branch of block
scical.g:212: warning: lexical nondeterminism upon
scical.g:212:      k==1:'0'..'9'
scical.g:212:      k==2:<end-of-token>,'+','-','0'..'9','e','u'
scical.g:212:      k==3:<end-of-token>,'0'..'9','g'
scical.g:212:      k==4:<end-of-token>,'0'..'9'
scical.g:212:      k==5:<end-of-token>,'0'..'9'
scical.g:212:      between alt 1 and exit branch of block

if i have to use syntax prediacte how do i use it? and due to what
reason? plese explain .. i could not understand clearly about it from
the example and documentation.

====== 3 ============================

if in future i add structures and complex data types.. is it better to
recognize structure definitions at lexing time or parsing time? same
for structure references ..
should it be TYPE_STRUCT 
or KWD_STRUCT LBRACE TYPE ID and so on... 

should it be KWD_STRUCT DOT ID


thank you 

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