[antlr-interest] Errors while compiling

Benhur krupa_gadde at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 18 01:12:01 PDT 2002

Hi all,

Here is a sub-rule I have defined as part of my grammar where 
MyParser extends Parser class.

	selectexp:"select"^ ( "all"! | "distinct"! )? select_list
	("into" column_name)?
	( connect_clause )?
	( group_clause )?
	( ( set_clause ) => set_clause )?
	( ( order_clause ) => order_clause )?
	( ( update_clause ) => update_clause )?
        { #select_expression = #
([SELECT_EXPRESSION,"select_expression"], #select_expression); }

While I compile this grammar using the antlr.Tool option, Parser, 
Lexer and TokenTypes Java programs are generated. While I am 
compiling these three Java programs, I am getting the followinr 
error - 

PLSqlParser.java:11247: cannot resolve symbol
symbol  : variable SELECT_EXPRESSION
location: class MyParser.PLSqlParser
                                        select_expression_AST = (AST)
astFactory.make( (new ASTArray(

1 error

Why is this happening? This is the only sub-rule where I am trying 
to create an imaginary node. Any pointers for this, please let me 

Thanks in advance


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