[antlr-interest] ANTLR Documentation

David Wigg wiggjd at sbu.ac.uk
Mon Oct 21 08:50:14 PDT 2002

With reference to restructuring of documentation it would be 
nice to have a really good book but in two/three years time?

In the meantime we have some good documentation which is usually 
  a great help. What would be really nice now is to have the 
existing documentation updated as corrections and clarifications 
are brought to light and then we wouldn't have to waste time 
with FAQs.

For instance last week I drew attention to the fact that under 
the heading of "Lexer Analysis with ANTLR" there is a paragraph 
on "Keywords and Literals" under "Lexical Rules" in which there 
is a sentence "Second, literals may be specified in the lexer 
grammar by means of the literal option." I cannot find a 
"Literal" option. There is a "testLiterals" option but this is 
different and not what I was looking for.

I think I found what I was looking for under "Tokens Section" in 
     "ANTLR Meta-Language" where it explains how a literal can 
be allocated to a token.

I don't know yet whether the parse will actually work correctly 
but using a tokens section I was able to get rid of a lexical 
nondeterminism between OPERATOR ("operator") and ID (in C++).

If I am correct please could the documentation be updated 
without the need for a FAQ?

What I would like to say is that more often than not wouldn't 
updating the documentation be better that loading another FAQ?

And I think correct, clear and understandable up to date 
documentation would help writing the book, wouldn't it?.



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