[antlr-interest] Explain this lexical nondeterminism

Paul J. Lucas dude at darkfigure.org
Thu Oct 24 21:53:49 PDT 2002


	class MyLexer extends Lexer;
	options {
		k = 3;

	LT : "lt" | "A1" ;
	GT : "gt" | "A2" ;

I get:

	warning: lexical nondeterminism between rules LT and GT upon
	test.g:0:       k==1:'A'
	test.g:0:       k==2:'t'
	test.g:0:       k==3:<end-of-token>

but why?  'l' is clearly distinguishable from 'g' and '1' is clearly distinguishable from '2'.

- Paul


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