[antlr-interest] Dead End

Anakreon Mejdi amejdi at ertonline.gr
Wed Oct 30 10:41:35 PST 2002

No ,I didn't , but I will.
However it shouldn't be the case because I checked if the correct Tokens 
are sent to the Parser, and they are.
In the JavaScript file there is a singe statement.

1 <script language="javascript" runat="server">
2 if(condition) {
3    Response.write("...");
4    Response.redirect("...");
5 }		

Line 1 is consumed by the TokenStreamSelector
Line 2 .. 5 are the proper Tokens
line 6 is delivered as a EOF Token.

The error is (aproximatly):Unexpected Token null at line 6
It says null because the selector has set the "</script>" token's text 
to null and type to EOF.
If instead i have:
1 <script language="javascript" runat="server">
2 var id;
3 id++;
4 </script>

everything is fine.
It behaves like the rule for if required an else.
However that rule behaves well when the Js Parser is alone and lines 2 
to 5 are given as input.


mzukowski at yci.com wrote:

> It sounds like you're not synchronized or something.  What is the exact
> error?  Did you study the multiplexer examples?
> Monty


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