[antlr-interest] tree parser / rewritter

Lloyd Dupont lloyd at galador.net
Wed Sep 4 04:02:04 PDT 2002

I have a tree parser. and I have tree I want to read muliple time, simplyfing each time.

let's imagine I have

file: (node1 | node2) *;
node1: #(NODE1 FOO);
node2: #(NODE2 BAR);

I want to do something with node1 on first pas and remove it.

I tryed something like:

options {
    buildAST = true;
stage1: (!node1Analysis | .) *;

stage2:! (node2Analysis) *;

where stage2 is called with getAST() produce by stage1.
unfrtunately, hen I do that the node2 is empty, where all child are gone ?
I can't understand.
has anyone idea ?

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