[antlr-interest] ANTLR is a good tool

Hensley, Richard richard.hensley at mckesson.com
Thu Sep 5 08:40:30 PDT 2002

I just wanted to complement the ANTLR development team on a quality
tool. I was able to create a parser and a program that uses the
resulting AST for the subset of Oracle DDL SQL that our product uses in
about 6 hours. This included picking the tool up for the first time,
dusting off some college days BNF knowledge, creating the grammar
definition, and creating the program that crawls the AST.

Well Done. 

Background, if you are interested: 

I had to create a tool that documents a Oracle schema. As input, I had
the Oracle schema text file, which I had to parse, meta model
information from our Object Relational Tool, and documentation about our
objects. The tool had to parse the schema, and relate the table and
column information to the object information and kick out the
documentation. Kind of a fun problem in the end. I used the following

Ant - I used this as the execution shell. 
ANTLR - I used this to create the SQL parser 
Velocity - I used this so that a designer could create the final HTML

Richard Hensley 
Horizon Lab Development 
McKesson Information Solutions 

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