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Terence Parr parrt at jguru.com
Sat Sep 14 21:20:57 PDT 2002

I've added getFilename/setFilename methods (empty impl) to Token.java, 
but I'm not sure about adding the ctor to NoViableAltException and the 
code generator.  Seems that now you'll get the filename but unless I 
add real functionality to Token it will have a bogus default filename.  
Hmm...plus, what about other exceptions?  Seems I'd have to make wide 
changes.  I'll add the basic interface for now and see what happens I 

Ok, in 2.7.2a3.

On Tuesday, June 25, 2002, at 09:12  AM, Dennis Marsa wrote:

> Silvain Piree wrote:
>>> You're right that getFilename() may not return something
>>> useful, but it could return something indicating that the
>>> filename is not there, either an empty string, or "<no file>",
>>> or something.
>> Sounds reasonable, but wouldn't it impact existing users,
>> who depend on the getFilename() behaviour?
> I don't think so.
> To be explicit, I'm suggesting adding a new NoViableAltException
> constructor.  The existing two argument (token, filename) constructor
> could stay for compatibility reasons.
> public class NoViableAltException extends RecognitionException {
>     // suggested new constructor
>     public NoViableAltException(Token t) {
>         super("NoViableAlt", t.getFilename(), t.getLine(), 
> t.getColumn());
>         token = t;
>     }
>     // existing constructor
>     public NoViableAltException(Token t, String fileName_) {
>         super("NoViableAlt", fileName_, t.getLine(), t.getColumn());
>         token = t;
>     }
>     <remainder of class definition omitted for brevity>
> }
> But, it seems most NoViableAltException constructions are generated by
> ANTLR, so it could easily be updated to use the new single-argument
> constructor without impacting users.
> Any existing explicit NoViableAltException constructions made by the
> user would still get the two-argument version, but could be updated
> to use the single-argument version.
> Dennis
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