[antlr-interest] column info for syntactic predicates

Oliver Burn oliver-lists at puppycrawl.com
Mon Sep 16 16:47:45 PDT 2002

Hi Joe,

Still hoping for a solution to tracking column info for syntactic predicates.

Yes, the output from ANTLR certainly does not conform to the SUN coding
standards. The trick when running Checkstyle using the ANT task is to
exclude the generated ANTLR files.  The following is an example of how to
do this. Note that the generated ANTLR files are prefixed with "Generated".

    <checkstyle properties="docs/checkstyle.rules">
      <fileset dir="src/checkstyle"


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> Oliver,
>     I'll defer to Monty on the question of how to track columns even in
> the presece of syntactic predicates, but  I've got a quick question for
> you.
>     First let me say we downloaded checkstyle and it works great! We're
> going to use it as part of our build - but we've run into one
> awkwardness. The output of ANTLR doesn't conform to the Sun coding
> standard (Gee, what a surprise! :-)  Now we could hack around this by
> putting all our grammars (and hence the generated .java) in a separate
> directory but our code isn't currently structured like that. Do you face
> this problem? What do you do?
> Thanks,
> Joe C.
> >>> oliver-lists at puppycrawl.com 09/15/02 12:55AM >>>
> Hi,
> I am the author of a tool called Checkstyle (http://checkstyle.sf.net)
> which
> checks that Java code confirms to a coding standard. By default the Sun
> coding
> standard. The tool makes extensive use of ANTLR.
> I am in the process of refactoring the way Checkstyle works, and want
> to track
> line & column information in syntactic predicates. In my research I
> came across
> the article on tracking column information at
> http://www.antlr.org/fieldguide/columns/index.html.
> At the end of the article it says that is it possible to track column
> info for
> syntactic predicates. Does anybody have any more information (or better
> still
> examples) on how to do this.
> Regards,
> Oliver
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