[antlr-interest] Is it possible to treat a non-literal like a literal?

weitzman_d weitzman_d at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 28 15:39:38 PDT 2002

I'm still working on that IMAP nonsense.

Basically my problem is parsing something like this:


The first appearnces of 'UID' is a command, the second is a string.  
The way I've been doing things so far, 'UID' is a literal (as are all 
commands).  It looks like I need to do something else, because I want 
any appearence of a command name after the actual command name to be 
treated as a string.

I suppose I could replace every reference to UID and other commands 
in the 
parser with some sort of ugly lookahead that verifies the text 
says 'UID' and than parse it as a string instead of a literal (the 
command names 
just get discarded anyway).

That sounds pretty ugly, though.  Is there another way?



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