[antlr-interest] Re: Token.getFilename and Token.setFilename are not virtual!

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> In the C# library.
> I need my tokens to remember the filename but I've just noticed that
Token.getFilename and Token.setFilename are not virtual. And even if
they were, Token.setFilename is never called
> by CharScanner.
> Is it ok to implement these changes? Whom should I submit the
changes to? I'd rather not have my own private copy of the library...
> Thanks again,
> Rodrigo


I had a similar problem when developing my java project (with the
charScanner; all java methods are virtual). Token.setFilename is
neither called from the CharScanner on java mode. After asking in the
forums, the answer I got was that setFilename wasn't invoked "because
your tokens may not come from a file". The answer wasn't Terence's; it
was from an ANTLR user.

This answer did not satisfy me; when I was going to modify ANTLR's
sources, someone pointed that I could override CharScanner::makeToken
(supposing that the java and C# classes use the same method names) and
add the filename in my Lexer. I suppose you could do the same in C#.

Even if the possibility exists, I'd like to see the filename set in

Just my two cents...



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