[antlr-interest] The match rule c++ grammar define preproc directives

Serge Bakkal serge.bakkal at wanadoo.fr
Tue Aug 5 10:34:27 PDT 2003

Hi , Im investigating c++ grammar enhancements to handle preprocessor
#define directives
everything works well when the define directive has no parameter (tricky but
works smooth )

Now the next thing is handling define arguments :
It appears that arguments can be can be of almost any kind , say :

#define TEST(a,b) a \

int s(int a,int b){return a+b;}

void theTest()
  int s = \
    const char *_1 = "we have to handle it";

   TEST( int (*S)(int,int) = ::s; , const char *_2 = "we have to handle it
too"; )


must both (amo ) be handled coreectly .

The most straightforward  solution seems the is to use in that case
a second lexer : it has to handle any character until  the next COMMA
or RPAREN is encountered provided that COMMA is not within a LPRAREN RPAREN
and the RPAREN is not a LPAREN match :

How should the rule be written ?


Serge Bakkal


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