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David Benn David.Benn at motorola.com
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I like the page. Most of my initial compilers/interpreters (circa 1991)
were of the hand-crafted recursive descent variety too, which I guess
explains why ANTLR feels fairly natural to me (vs tools like lex+yacc).

I would suggest adding a paragraph that emphasises a) the near
homogeneity of lexer, parser, and tree walker notations, and b) the
utility of AST generation and walking for, among other things,
separating front ends (language grammars) from back-ends (code
generation etc), and as a useful intermediate language for interpreters.

I notice that support for Sather generation has gone away (according to
this page). Just a lack of demand? I never used it so it doesn't bother
me. Just curious. I've yet to make the transtion to 2.7.2.

Thanks for a great tool BTW. I have used it for Masters thesis and
industry work for about four years now.



Terence Parr wrote:
> Ok, here's a first cut.  any suggestions?
> http://www.antlr.org/why.html
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