[antlr-interest] suggested ANTLR projects?

mzukowski at yci.com mzukowski at yci.com
Wed Aug 6 13:38:49 PDT 2003

I'll help direct one of the projects.  I've got some ideas on how to display
syntax diagrams & navigate thru lookahead sets to find ambiguities.


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Howdy.  I am teaching a master's project class at USF this semester and 
am going to offer to direct a project involving ANTLR.  Can people 
suggest a bite-size semester-long project that a group of students 
could do?  I'm thinking that Loring Craymer will suggest a start on the 
ANTLR IDE "workbench" that would display syntax diagrams from grammars 
and perhaps highlight grammar ambiguities.

Beyond making a few project suggestions, does anybody out there want to 
help direct one of the projects?  It would be a loose confederation 
where you could be as involved as you want.  Anything from some initial 
phone conference calls (or showing up if you are around san francisco) 
to actually taking an active role in guiding a project.

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