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Fri Aug 15 08:47:11 PDT 2003

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> I have a very clean ANTLR grammar parser that generates a tree and 
> have tree parsers that do a variety of things like print it back 
> w/o actions.  I can post this if people would like to check it 

This would be great, please do it.


> believe I ignore the options and other stuff, focusing on the 
> elements--I'm using it to build the new grammar analysis engine.
> Soon I should a very clean and nice full LL(k) analysis engine 
> will be the core of the workbench project. :)  Trying to prep for 
> and work on this at the same time. After 15 years, I believe I 
> understand the problem enough now to implement it in a very simple 
> manner. ;)
> Aside from features and clean up of ideas etc... for ANTLR 3, a 
> motivation is to finally produce a bunch of code I'm proud to have 
> people look at.  ANTLR has always been a gawd-awful messy 
prototype w/o 
> rigorous testing facilities and was used as an experimental-ideas 
> workhorse for me.  This new version will be written specifically 
> readability, testability, encapsulation, rigor, beauty.  Heck, 
> already rewritten the analysis part 3 times since May ;)  I'm 
> tests first and then working on the code.
> Once the analysis engine is done (the hard part) [yes, johnm with 
> hoisting!!], I will focus on writing a whitepaper describing the 
> system and then writing the complete manual.  We'll need people to 
> evaluate the functionality, consistency, flexibility etc... and 
> once we all agree it's about right, I'll start from a blank page 
> carefully craft the core system.
> I will be focusing a great deal of effort on the code emitters 
> how you generate parsers) so that making a code generator for a 
> language is really simple.  Part of this focus will be precisely 
> defining what a code generator has to do and what the 
> must be for tree stuff etc...  There will be multiple levels of 
> compliance like generates parsers then handles trees then handles 
> rewrites etc...  I'm even going to have a serialized text-based 
form of 
> the intermediate representation so that you could, for example, 
read in 
> the intermediate stuff generated by antlr in python and generate 
> parsers w/o ever touching Java (ANTLR's core implementation 
> Anyway, now that I'm back in academia at USF, I'm going to do this 
> "right".  No more doing something "fast" instead of "right" 
because I 
> have to finish my thesis or focus on making money ;)
> Enough blabbing for now... :)
> Terence
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