[antlr-interest] moan

wiggjd at sbu.ac.uk wiggjd at sbu.ac.uk
Sun Aug 17 03:51:49 PDT 2003

I wish ANTLR was more stable!

We have been converting the C++ grammar file from use with
PCCTS to use with ANTLR 2.7.1 .

Having parsed support.i, CPPLexer.i and CPPParser.i at last, I
am now trying to get rid of all the unneccesary warnings from
generation of the grammar file using options{greedy = true;}:
and options{warnWhenFollowAmbig = false;}: .

For the former I have five pages of documentation printed from
your website last year. However, I can no longer find anything
about "greedy" on the ANTLR website but have now found a new
one which is options{generateAmbigWarnings = false;}: !

Options "greedy = true" was accepted by ANTLR 2.7.1, but
didn't seem to do anything.

Does it still exist and, if so, what should it do?

Options "warnWhenFollowAmbig = false" seems to work as
described with empty alternatives etc.

Options "generateAmbigWarnings = false" seems to do what I
want for other cases.

Is this equivalent to "#pragma approx" in PCCTS?

Why do we need all these options when "#pragma approx" in
PCCTS seemed to work ok?



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