[antlr-interest] Java Cross Referencer

Jim O'Connor Jim.OConnor at microfocus.com
Mon Aug 18 10:38:21 PDT 2003

Hi All,
  In short, what is the best/easiest/most complete Java Cross Referencer
that you have seen/written/used?

  The ANTLR based Javasrc is very good.  The main limitations are two fold.
You have to have some intrinsic knowledge of the hierarchy of classes to
effectively parse a project ( i.e. the two-pass system).  The other
limitation is that it doesn't support *.class files.  I realize this can be
corrected by "loading" the class into the symbol table beforehand myself.  I
am not averse to using this project.  I wanted to pose the question, "Is
there something more complete and easier?".

  Barat appears to solve the problems above.  It handles the class files and
needs no ordering of operations.  It is much more difficult to work with.
It is based on JavaCC.  The grammar spits out a java file that must be
compiled using the GJ compiler.

  The ideal solution would  distill the appropriate information from the
jar/class files, parse the *.java files, and resolve the references.  Barat
has a good explanation its "difficulties" with recursively going after
refernced types when parsing a particular class.  I'll stop the specs here.
Any ideas?



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