[antlr-interest] ANTLR and GCC

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The GCC transformation toolkit http://www.codetransform.com/gcc.html can
output C text from the ASTs generated by my gcc parser.  If your input
language is close to C in structure then you can transform from your AST to
the gcc AST and then use my emitter.  If your language is not really close
to C then you may be better off writing a tree pass that emits C from your
AST.  With more information we can help you sort out what to do.


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Hi All,

I am new to ANTLR and I wish to use it with GCC. I have modified the 
backend of GCC compiler to recognise a new architecure which I am 
modelling. I am trying to use ANTLR as a front-end. Is this possible? 
I have written a basic grammar file containing a lexer and parser. I 
am able to compile this with the commands

java antlr.Tool myGrammarFile.g
javac *.java
main    //main is the class name

The last command does not work, i.e no output is produced. (The 
classpath options are set correctly) Should the output be an AST? Am 
i right in thinking that the antlr can output C functions and if so, 
how? Can ANTLR output assembly language?

Maybe I should post this on gcc.gnu.org mailing list but I hope 
somebody on this list may be able to help me. Any ideas/suggestions 
greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards


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