[antlr-interest] Petition to Terence Parr! WAS: Re: antlr 3 - make parser event driven ?

John D. Mitchell johnm-antlr at non.net
Fri Aug 29 13:15:09 PDT 2003

>>>>> "Oliver" == Oliver Zeigermann <oliver at zeigermann.de> writes:

> But this is *CVS*. Do not know how to do it with perforce. Is it
> accessible over the net in the first place? What about client licenses?
> Thought I heard it is free for open source development?  Are there
> plugins available for the prominent IDEs?

Given that this is the Antlr forum, let me humbly suggest that you go check
out www.perforce.com for those answers (which are "yes", BTW :-).

To be more clear, the Perforce client applications are free and available
for most platforms.

There are plug-ins for some IDEs but since I prefer the command-line
perforce client, I don't keep track of which IDEs are supported or not.

Perforce does license their server for open-source projects for no cost.
That's what Ter is running for Antlr.

> Although I know the advantages of perforce over CVS and you would not
> want to switch back to CVS when you have seen perforce, would you
> consider making ANTLR visible to the outside with CVS? The drawback would
> be you would have to merge your changes in perforce with CVS and
> vice-versa. The advantage is everybody knows CVS and has the tools for
> it.

Bah!  What a complete waste of time that would be.

Take care,


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