[antlr-interest] code instrumentation with Monty's C grammar

daniel_raichle daniel.raichle at etas.de
Thu Dec 4 05:42:31 PST 2003

Hi All,

I have to do C-code instrumentation to measure the decision coverage
of a software. I think Monty's C-grammar is the right thing for me. I
think I could do the instrumentation with some changes in the
GnuCEmitter.g file, eg. I could change the rule in the grammar where
the if-clause is printed. 

// Selection statements:
        |       #( i:"if"    { print( i ); print( "(" ); }
                 expr        { print( ")" ); print("{ counter++; "); }
                statement    { print("}");}
                (  e:"else"  { print( e ); print( "(" ); }
                   statement { print("}");}

But I have one big problem: I must not instrument all the functions
and all the if-statements in the software. There are some functions
with a special function name (eg. _L1_...) that should not be
instrumented. And there are some special if-statements with
automatically generated code that prevents from divisions by 0. 
Is it possible to check for the functionname or the content of the
if-expression before instrumenting the if-statement? What do I have to
change? Can you please give me an example?!

Thank you very much!

P.S.: Sorry for my bad English!


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