[antlr-interest] Re: What about grammar inheritance?

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Mon Dec 8 13:25:59 PST 2003


I'm not sure that you have gotten a direct answer, although if you've read the follow-ups you'll notice a commitment to supporting reuse 
of grammar pieces.  The intent is to support a better mechanism for composing grammars, possibly at the workbench (IDE) level 
rather than at a grammar level.  The current inheritance mechanism is pretty clumsy.

As far as the current grammar inheritance mechanism is concerned, that's done in the preprocessor (antlr/preprocessor) to substitute 
rules.  I'm sure that you could maintain the preprocessor for backwards compatibility if you needed it.


--- In antlr-interest at yahoogroups.com, "Silvain Piree" <s.piree at e...> wrote:
> On the antlr website, the paper "ANTLR 3 Whitepaper" 
> mentions "dropping inheritance" as one of the features of 
> ANTLR 3.
> Will there be an alternative grammar re-use mechanism
> in ANTLR 3?
> We use grammar inheritance extensively to model differences 
> in language dialects (e.g. different Cobol dialects, etc.). This
> is a feature I would not like to lose. In fact, it was one of the
> reasons for us to go with ANTLR.
> Silvain


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