[antlr-interest] New Snapshot MSVC 6/7.0/7.1 users please test

Ric Klaren klaren at cs.utwente.nl
Thu Dec 11 08:39:55 PST 2003


I started moving stuff around for MSVC 6-7.1. Included a load of stuff from
a big patch from Tom Dudziak (thanks! and of course to all the others who
sent in stuff for MSVC!)

The load of explicit instantiations for templates was moved dll.cpp. This
will probably cause some problems with VC7 due to some changes probably in
the codebase and because I may have goofed it up or misunderstood some
stuff about MSVC.

Again I don't have these compilers so please bear with me... These changes
will be a prelude to ANTLR 2.7.3 prereleases just before christmas (if all
goes well).

I hope that currently:

- MSVC 6 static build should work out of the box. DLL Build was disabled
  with #error statements. It will work with STL port (I'm told) but I wanted
  that very explicit so people have to junks a few lines to get it running.
- MSVC 7/7.1 will probably work out of the box for static build
- For DLL builds 7.0 might need some tweaking for explicit instantiations
  some small stuff changed requiring other instantiations.
- For 7.1 it might work directly as well.

When giving patches please be very specific about what compiler you used.
And guard everything with your compiler version (for as far as it makes
sense of course).

#if ( _MSC_VER < 1300 )  >>>> vc6 and before
#if ( _MSC_VER == 1300 ) >>>> vc7
#if ( _MSC_VER == 1310 ) >>>> vc7.1

I prefer keeping the source as #ifdef free as possible, especially I would
rather not see _MSC_VER's all over the place if it can be helped.

When stuff stabilizes I'd much appreciate some workspaces for the contrib
section. (Thanks for the ones already sent in but since I cannot test them
I'd rather hold of including them as long as possible)

The snapshot can be found at:




PS It also has all the latests C# stuff from the repository.
PPS I also suspect the configure to give less trouble on Cygwin.
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