[antlr-interest] Need help with EOL mess

Anthony W Youngman Anthony.Youngman at ECA-International.com
Tue Dec 16 03:07:20 PST 2003

 Seems to me it's confusing "\r\n" and '\r' (which would make sense).

Can you combine these two rules as "'\r' ('\n')?"?


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Here is my whitespace definition from the grammar file:

    // This rule matches and discards any whitespace.
    : ( ' '
      | '\t'
      | ( options { generateAmbigWarnings=false; }
          : "\r\n"          { newline(); }      // Microsoft
          | '\r'            { newline(); }      // Macintosh
          | '\n'            { newline(); }      // Unix
      )+  { $setType(Token.SKIP); }

This *does* generate ambiguous warnings but I don't know how to 
address this. Does anyone have any suggestions?




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