[antlr-interest] Epsilon productions and end of file

Marcin Rzeznicki marcin-rzeznicki at wp.pl
Tue Dec 16 15:28:50 PST 2003

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Wyslano: 16 grudnia 2003 20:51
Temat: Re: [antlr-interest] Epsilon productions and end of file

> Hello,


> This means that you must specifically tell ANTLR where to expect
> end-of-file, and for that you use the special token EOF.

Yes, but when I use explicit EOF, it does not calculate follow sets as I
would expect. For example

S -> AB , means taht follow set of S goes to follow set of B (with $)

S -> AB EOF ends with EOF in follow set of S, nothing to do with B

> As for epsilon-productions, you would use the ? operator. In you
> example,
> production: ( other_production )? ;

Isn't taht valid only for regular languages ? Does that hold with
context-free ones ?
Marcin Rzeznicki


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